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Dare To Listen, the podcast

Dare to Listen invites conversations about the dying process, self-discovery and our connections to the unseen.

Host Nameh Marsin, self-awareness and end-of-life doula, interviews experts and everyday people exploring what we know about ourselves and how we know what we know!

Aug 30, 2019

Lynn generously shares about a life altering accident where she crossed over. She speaks about how these experiences have impacted her relationship with her partner and their retirement plan. Lynn shares her process; navigating grief, anger, forgiveness, and gratitude. This conversation explores the humbling growth that comes when those in relationships make commitments and extend themselves to each other. The conversation directly explores Lynn's perspective on death, as well as when the time is ripe to discuss such matters with loved ones. 

Song: Yoga & Relax Ambient Background by SteroNuts
Show Photo: by Kevin J. Geisler